There’s a common belief that body image is correlated with one’s actual physical appearance.  In other words, many believe if we improve the way we look by losing weight that we’ll be happier with our appearance — and our lives.  While that may sound logical, it’s often not the case.  At Slim4Life, we understand that weight loss is vital to your health (if you are indeed overweight), but weight loss alone is not the answer.  There are just too many thin people out there who are still unhappy with their bodies, even to the point of obsession (i.e. eating disorders).  The fact is that weight loss alone may not help you gain the long term confidence and balance you’re seeking in your life.

How does Slim4Life help people lose weight and gain confidence?
Founded in 1979, Slim4Life was designed by an acclaimed team of medical doctors, nutritionists and counseling psychologists.  Why were counseling psychologists involved in the development of a weight loss program?  Because our founders recognized that one’s mental and emotional state is critical when developing a successful weight loss program.
Unlike other weight loss programs out there, Slim4Life was designed with a holistic and balanced approach for the body and mind.

A key component of Slim4Life’s program is the one-on-one counseling we offer our clients.  Not only do our professional counselors offer support and encouragement – in addition to a means of accountability – but they help you keep things in perspective.  They’re here to offer empathy and understanding of your weight loss goals – and help ensure your objectives are realistic and healthy — both physically and emotionally.   Our own goal at Slim4Life is to help our patients achieve proper balance in their lives, which is ultimately the key to self-confidence.

Slim4Life’s nutritionally balanced weight loss plan
Since our founding, Slim4Life has helped thousands upon thousands of people lose weight by creating good eating and lifestyle habits to keep the weight off.  Our customized, nutritious weight loss plans are worth following with regular grocery store foods that you can prepare at home with your family or eat out at most restaurants.  With Slim4Life, you can still enjoy the foods you love – without starvation or fad diets.  Again, we understand the proper balance it requires to lose weight and feel good about it!

It’s time to embrace real health…with Slim4Life
Rather than simply trying to lose weight, it’s important that we begin to create a truly healthy lifestyle.  Our relationship with our body can be a wonderful window into bigger issues that impact how we feel about ourselves at large.  Contact Slim4Life today and let’s work together for a balanced approach to weight loss, self-confidence, and self-acceptance! SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION