If you have ever tried to lose weight, and had moderate success, you know the joy of being thin. You also know the pain and agony of putting the weight back on. At Slim4Life our goal is to help you lose the weight AND keep the weight off.

It’s almost like the weight comes back on with a vengeance. If you don’t know what to do.

Leaving you the same weight or worse… heavier. Potentially leaving you more depressed and despondent over your weight than when you first started. It’s almost like you should never have tried in the first place.

Remember, it’s not just about losing the weight, but about keeping it off…. For good!

At Slim4Life, we have been working with patients since 1979 and have learned a thing or two to keep the weight off. Tens of thousands of clients have come through our 30 plus facilities. There are keys to being a successful client of Slim4Life. It’s more than just a strategy or a meal plan.

It All Jump Starts With Science

The key to long-term success in weight loss is seeing results in 3 days. When you see those results you will start to feel better and want more success.

It’s why all of our clients take part in our personalized 3-day jump-start program. Once you start with our team. We will sit down and develop a plan for you to get you started right away.

And let us be clear, you’ll be able to eat great foods like steak, chicken, fish and more.

No rabbit food for our clients on the jump-start cycle.

Breaking Through The Plateaus

Have you ever started a diet, only to have short term success and then you hit the plateau? We know the feeling. What happens is your body adjusts to the new way of life and stops metabolizing your food quickly.

What needs to happen is one of our plateau breakers. Where we jump-start the body again to burning your fat naturally. These plateau breakers are developed from almost 40 years’ experience of what works and doesn’t work.

Keeping It Off

You need coaches and mentors to help you transform your life. Someone who has been in your shoes. Someone who knows about the temptations facing you on your journey to a new you.

At Slim4Life our staff is with you every step of the way to keep the weight off. It’s about learning your body. What you can that keeps the weight off and what you can’t eat that puts the weight on.


Studies show you are 95% more likely to reach your goal by being accountable to others. At Slim4Life, we work with you to keep you on track for your goals.

In our program, we work with you to create a timeline for success. Our average client loses 3.9 pounds per week. Yes, science plays a part, but accountability to your coach and yourself play as big a part to your success.

Start losing weight in just days. Make your weight loss appointment today. And soon you’ll be shedding an average of 3.9 pounds per week. Just think of how much better you will feel about yourself and the joy of FINALLY being in control of your weight.