THE HEAT IS HERE! YOU ARE GOING TO SEE FLUCTUATION ON THE SCALE DAY TODAY. Let’s See How to avoid fluid retention. A very important step in preventing fluid retention is to reduce sodium intake because salt causes the body to accumulate fluids that it doesn’t need. In addition, drinking plenty of water is critical, as it helps clear up impurities in the body and eliminate them easily.

Tips to treat and prevent fluid retention

Diuretic foods

Eating foods that are diuretic is essential, as they help detox the body and also help you lose weight. Sometimes, what we perceive as extra pounds is actually just inflammation caused by fluid retention.

  • Watermelon is recommended primarily because of its high water content.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps balance potassium levels, which may be altered by fluid retention.
  • Green tea is an excellent diuretic and antioxidant.
  • Oranges. Thanks to their high vitamin C content, oranges promote kidney function and speed up the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Blueberries help prevent urinary diseases, and are one of the best antioxidants available; they help remove toxins.
  • Dandelion is one of the most powerful plants for removing excess water from the body.
  • Parsley also helps eliminate fluids; it’s recommended as a tea to prevent obesity and heart disease. Sprinkle on your foods daily.

Getting plenty of rest is essential to preventing fluid retention: if your feet are swollen, raise your legs whenever you have room. And if you notice that you’ve made changes to your eating habits and daily routine, but it’s still not resolving the problem, it’s best to consult your doctor to rule out a serious illness.

Learning how to control little things like water retention will help you learn to make those lifestyle changes for permanent weight loss. It really is a mental attitude that you have to focus on the most. The Slim4Life Program gives you the basic guidelines and then you have to make sure that they are followed through. Communication is key.

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