Americans spend more than $60 billion every year on weight loss programs. Most of this money is spent on fad diets and quick weight loss fixes as opposed to medical weight loss programs. When you are deciding what type of weight loss program to use, it is important to understand the difference between a fad diet and medically supervised programs.

A fad diet can be the latest trend in weight loss. These diets gain popularity quickly as they are the new thing to try. Their aim is to give users quick weight loss. These programs often focus on only one aspect of weight loss with no to little focus on weight maintenance. For example a fad diet may consist of only eating protein, limiting carbohydrates, eating very small portion sizes, drinking shakes, or taking a weight loss supplement. Often times fad diets can be dangerous and unhealthy. They may result in the quick weight loss as advertised, but typically the pounds that were lost are gained back, plus additional pounds as well.

Fad diets are often advertised on television through infomercials and through online sources. Before and after photos of persons claiming to have followed the diet are almost always part of their product marketing.

In comparison, medical weight loss programs are are overseen by medical professionals. The goal of these programs are to lose weight through proper nutrition, allowing time for your body to adjust so the weight can stay off and good habits can be developed. The program includes instruction so that you know how to create a program for healthy eating as opposed to a diet where items are limited.

In these programs, is is important to not skip meals and to eat a variety of foods. The focus is on eating healthy food and healthy fats as opposed to eating strictly low fats like a fad diet would promote. Portion sizes are important to monitor, but they are not so small so that you are left hungry. Sugar is limited in medically supervised programs as there is no nutritious value. The purpose is to create a healthy lifestyle that results in weight loss and the development of new habits. This helps to ensure that weight loss can be maintained over long term.

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