America’s Obesity Crisis

America is in an obesity crisis. If you are 30 pounds over your ideal body weight range you are considered obese and over these 30 pounds, the medical profession considers you to be morbidly obese.

Obesity problems, whether you want to admit it or not has a big impact on your health status, from possible diabetes and heart problems to daily fatigue due to inadequate night’s sleep. Obesity impacts your normal appetite, glucose levels, and blood pressure.

Sleep Deprivation and Obesity

Researches now find that inadequate sleep increases obesity due to an abnormal appetite. Constant sleep deprivation has an impact on your body’s ability to release hormones that increase your appetite, thus increasing your weight.

Losing weight increases your ability to get a restful sleep every night. This is due to eliminating the side effects of the many health issues that insomnia brings to your life. This excess weight in the belly pushes on your diaphragm and lungs causing a lot of unseen problems such as GERD or indigestion. Start losing this fat in the diaphragm and you start to breathe easier and you may also eliminate your GERD.

You are Unique!

No two people react the same way to obesity, loss of weight, medications, lack of sleep, nutritional programs, and a good share of most things in life. You are a unique individual with unique needs and unique reactions to many of these things. Never compare yourself to anyone else because your body is uniquely different.

Say “No” to Fad Diets and “Yes” to Forever Lifestyle Changes

There are well-over 200 fad diets on the market today offering quick weight reduction. You did not put excess pounds on overnight and you are not going to get rid of these excess pounds overnight.

The problem with fad diets is that no one, not even you can stay on a diet for life, it is impossible. Most people when going off a fad diet, gain more weight than they recorded prior. The best way to remove excess weight and maintain a healthy body weight is through nutritionally sound and balanced meals and snacks.

Sensible loss of weight means that you develop new and exciting lifestyle changes, forever. Healthy eating habits must continue well after you shed those unwanted excess pounds.


Our Program is as Unique as Your Body

Slim4Life is a proven program to help you gradually lose pounds every week. Our professionals help you develop healthy eating habits for life. We provide one-on-one counseling and create a weight loss plan that is uniquely yours because you are unique.

You learn to develop healthy eating habits that continue long after you reach your goal weight. With one-to-one counseling and eating plans designed by our team of medical doctors, nutritionists, and counseling psychologists, we are here to help you in each step of the way and show you unbelievable success.

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