During your fitness journey, you will inevitably step on a scale and see how much progress you’ve made within the previous days and weeks. If you’re like the thousands of individuals that perform this action on a daily basis, you may have noticed something odd: certain days your weight goes up, and others it goes down. This also leads to confusion when you know your diet has been clean, your workouts have been consistent and you’ve been getting adequate amounts of rest — what gives? This article will demonstrate the affects of water intake, or lack thereof, and how it influences weight loss in both a positive and negative fashion.


Be honest with yourself for a second: have you ever had a brief period of time where you weren’t getting enough hydration? Maybe you were on a much-needed vacation and the thought of sipping on water never crossed your mind — we don’t blame you! Although these instances seem harmless, they actually take a toll on the internal mechanisms that influence our fitness goals in the long run.

The first sign that you will inevitably see when you have slipped into a dehydrated state is when your urine beings to turn a dark color. From here, certain side effects arise that dampen your mood and well being:

  • Difficulty urinating
  • Dry mouth
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Unwanted brain fog
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Vertigo

When dehydration begins to take control of your biological functions, you may notice something odd: Your weight seems to either stay the same or increase as the days progress. The reason that this occurs is that your body can sense when water has become scarce and opts to retain its fluids to perform biological functions. When your body refuses to expel water and waste products, weight loss becomes extremely difficult.

Eliminating the Problem of Hydration

As counter intuitive as it may seem, the way to stop your body from holding onto excess water weight is by — you guessed it — drinking more water. As stated earlier, the body becomes aware when water intake has become scarce and chooses to hold onto its reserves. When you ingest water regularly and you’re adequately hydrated throughout the day, your body will excrete excess water and waste material with ease.

If you’re someone that wants to lose between 3 and 5 pounds on a weekly basis or you know that you could be getting more out of your diet, we would love to help. At Slim4Life, we believe that optimal results stem from a framework of hard work, discipline and healthy habits that can be performed on a daily basis. We  offer consultation from personal counselors so that you may conquer all obstacles — physical and mental — standing in your way. When you attack your weight loss and diet goals on a consistent basis, amazing things can happen!