Nutrition Facts about Salt Intake

When you come to the realization it is time to rethink your daily diet, one of the major ways to help weight loss is to reduce intake of salt.

It may surprise some that the human body requires only a small amount of salt every day. Yet, the U.S. FDA reports that while the daily salt intake for adults and children should not exceed 2300 milligrams, Americans consume 3400 milligrams daily.

More than 70% of salt intake comes from packaged and prepared foods, rather than salt added to food during cooking or eating.

How Does Controlling Salt Intake Affect Weight Loss?

The strange reality of salt intake is that while a new medical study found that contrary to former beliefs, higher salt intake does not cause individuals to drink more water. Instead, researchers studying salt intake found that people who have high salt intake usually eat more.

In order to lose weight, it is well established that a balanced diet high in nutritional value should be part of the daily dietary regimen. There is more to weight loss than just stabilizing weight.

Salt contains sodium. Specifically, it is 40 percent sodium and chloride. As such, only 500 milligrams of salt are needed daily for healthy organ function.

High levels of sodium in the human body cause the body to hold excess fluids. These excess fluids place a greater burden on the heart and other organs, such as the kidneys and brain causing high blood pressure and stroke. Thus, controlling salt intake reduces excess fluids as well as reducing the burden on the heart, kidneys and brain.

Programming Your Dietary Needs

With the high stress world people live in today excess stress is another factor in weight gain. There are five reasons excess stress causes weight gain. These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Food Cravings
  • Hormones
  • Belly Fat

When salt intake is added to these other factors, the natural health of the human body and immune system is compromised and a broad range of illnesses are more likely to occur.

The best recommendation for assistance for a balanced nutritional diet that helps with loss of weight is a professionally designed plan with one-on-one counseling by a team of licensed nutritionists, psychologists and medical doctors. Experts at Slim 4 Life help you reach your weight goals on a stress free, step-by-step basis.

The Complexities of Health and Diet

People need food to sustain their existence. However, individual diets of too much food or food that is lacking in adequate nutrition has a negative effect.

Rather than attempt a DIY dietary regimen that rarely succeeds in achieving weight control goals, Slim 4 Life offers a full compliment of custom diet plans for each individual.

The Slim 4 Life program helps you lose three to five pounds per week by simply following the customized plan Slim 4 Life provides. Your plan is tailored made to your specific needs so you can control your salt intake and enjoy a new vitality and vigor.

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