The holidays are behind you, and like many people, your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight this year. It can be painful to look in the mirror and be disappointed in what you see. There are many diets available, but which one should you choose? Do you have to exercise? Is your diet healthy and safe? Will you be able to stick to it?

Many diets fail because they are just that- a diet. While attempting to lose weight, it is important to feed your body the right foods. You can lose weight and still eat real food! You can even lose weight without exercise. With the right nutrition, the right program and professional help, you can safely lose up to three to five pounds per week using Slim 4 Life.

Slim 4 Life is a unique weight loss program that is tailored especially for you. When you schedule an initial consultation, your Slim 4 Life counselor will help you find the options and a program that will work best for you. Your program may look very different than someone else’s. That is what is special and unique about Slim 4 Life. But whatever your unique plan looks like, you will be able to eat foods from the grocery store! There are no pre-packaged foods you have to eat, and you can eat the same food your family eats. Using the Slim 4 Life program, you will learn to feed yourself healthy foods and your family will benefit too!

Slim 4 Life utilizes a team of doctors, nutritionists and counselors to help educate you and to ensure you are receiving proper nutrition while taking your health needs into consideration. Doctors take into account your general health and any chronic conditions you may have, such as diabetes. Nutritionists ensure you are getting all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to lose weight in a rapid but healthy way. Professional counselors are an important piece to weight loss with Slim 4 Life. Counselors provide one-to-one counseling, education and behavior modification to help you succeed.

Meeting with your Slim 4 Life counselor two times per week or more will help you stay on track with your weight loss program. Your personal counselor is there to help keep you accountable, while educating you about your eating habits. This will give you the education and habits you need to follow your healthy eating program for life. Slim 4 Life’s professional counselors are there to supervise your program for you, to offer support and to be a friend while you learn and follow your unique program. While working with your counselor you can explore why you have made unhealthy choices in the past and work on how to change that for the future. One-on-one counseling is a critical component of the Slim 4 Life program. Imagine how successful losing weight can be when you have a personal counselor and friend cheering you on! An important piece when losing weight is support. With Slim 4 Life you have that support built right into your program.

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