Research shows, and our clients’ personal experience agrees, that being held accountable, or being responsible, to someone or something boost positive outcomes when attempting to lose weight. Having a support group that you report to provides encouragement, important feedback, and congratulations when you achieve your goals. Slim4Life’s weight loss professionals can provide the guidance and support that you need as you begin your weight loss journey to become a healthier, happier person. Here are a few reasons why having someone you are responsible for can improve your chances of success with shedding unwanted weight.

3 Reasons Being Held Accountable Can Help with Weight Loss

1. You Have Extra Motivation to Eat Healthy

Knowing that someone else is invested in your success means that you are more likely to stick to your plan to eat whole, healthy foods. Because we are social creatures, we thrive best in environments where goals are shared and others can participate in the challenges and success of other members of the society. Because of this primitive psychology, we feel a sense of responsibility to reach our goals not just for ourselves but for others who have invested in our success.

2. Eating Right Can Be Hard to Figure Out

Even when you are totally dedicated to eating healthy foods and losing weight, knowing exactly what to eat and what not to eat can be tricky. The internet is filled with contradictory information – some suggest vegan diets, others suggest ketogenic (fat-based) diets, and others even suggest all-meat diets! The “science” presented for these different eating regimes is often faulty, but if it is presented well then falling for bad diet advice becomes more likely. The truth is that each person is different, and while there are certain universal rules (too much processed sugar is bad, for example), people’s success varies depending on their individual body types. That’s where Slim4Life’s counselors come in – we’re trained to deliver the best meal plan for you with the highest chance of success.

3. Shared Struggle

We see clients every day who feel like maybe they just can’t lose weight. With the proper encouragement and a good example to be accountable to, though, achieving your weight reduction goals is definitely doable. A huge part of our commitment to our clients is to remain positive and encouraging even as you struggle through the “downs” of your journey. There will certainly be challenges as you transform the way you eat and live to become slimmer and healthier, and we’ll be there to see you through.

Give us a call today to begin planning your own weight loss. Our expert team of doctors, nurses, dieticians, and counselors have worked hard to put together a winning formula for you to maximize results while eating healthy. Achieving sustainable reductions in weight is not an overnight activity, and we’re in it for the long haul as we help you transform your physique and your life.

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