Have you been stuck at home, waiting out the lockdown due to the coronavirus? Did you accidentally gain a few pounds from stress eating or snacking too much during lockdown? Do you want to change gears and focus on your weight loss goals as we all come out of hiding and back to real life?

Being at home has made it an easy convenience for all of us to reach for any old food in the refrigerator at all times of the day and night. Maybe those weren’t the healthiest choices but we can help you get on track with our personalized weight loss plans.

Slim4Life can help you lose weight that was recently gained at home or that has been lingering since before the stay at home orders were put in place. Our one on one counseling sessions take the guesswork out and guide you through healthy eating. Our programs are carefully designed by doctors and nutritionists to give you a balanced diet that meets your nutritional needs.. We work with you individually and tailor the program to meet your needs so you can lose 3-5 pounds per week.

Our programs do not use overpriced prepackaged meals. Instead, you pickup your own groceries from the store. Now that the country is opening back up and people aren’t panic buying everything off the shelves, it will be easy to purchase the foods you need to lose weight. Weight loss programs include options for various dietary needs and include vegetarian, gluten free, and other food intolerance programs.

If you have a medical condition, we go over your medical history, work with your doctor, and choose a program that works best for you. We make sure to work with your individual needs and lifestyle. By losing weight you can reduce your risk for many health problems or reduce the severity of existing health issues. A healthy diet and weight is known to be beneficial for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other health issues.

We help keep you on track. Our highly trained counselors will work with you two or more times a week to carefully monitor your progress and help you achieve your ideal weight goals. We help you stay accountable, encourage healthy eating habits, and push you through plateaus with our “Plateau Breaker Programs.”

When your state reopens and you go back to “the real world,” don’t you want to do so looking great? We want to help you! This is an attainable goal that you can achieve. Our counselors are the backbone of this program because we help you lose weight by supporting you one on one. You are not alone in this journey to becoming slimmer and eating healthfully. We are here to walk you through every step of the journey.