Slim4Life uses a consultative procedure that is geared to your particular needs with help being offered at any of Slim4Life’s weight loss centers. We take into account the fact that each person faces their own unique challenges with weight loss and therefore offers precise plans depending on age, weight loss goals, and medical conditions.

We offer weight loss programs to women, men, and children aged, including working with your own personal physician though your journey in weight loss if necessary. These programs are fashioned to assist you in maintaining optimal nutritional balance as you lose 3-5 pounds each week, teaching healthy eating habits which can be stuck to long after your goal weight has been reached. With a team of nutritionists, counseling psychologists, and medical doctors designing weight loss plans and offering one-on-one counseling, we aim to help you in succeeding in each step of your journey.

SLIM4Life’s leading “Quick results Program” provides 5 personalized unique weight loss programs, each of which involves our expert counselors performing a thorough study of the lifestyle and medical history of each client so as to figure out which plan yields the quickest results.

Consisting of low carbohydrate, low fat, high protein programs, our nutrition plan aids the body in burning stored fats, a process known as Ketosis, turning it to natural energy, with no hunger experienced! SLIM4Life counselors continuously monitor each client to ensure consistent weight loss success. Since our weight loss counselors work very closely with the clients, we can then determine when you hit a plateau, usually every 3 to 5 weeks, and accurately prescribe one of the numerous “Plateau Breaker Programs” so as to quicken your metabolism bringing your body back to “fat-burning mode”.

SLIM4Life is also thrilled to unveil our new ketogenic weight loss program which differs from the QuickStart Programs we provide by offering a low carbohydrate/ high fat/ moderate protein option. This weight loss approach sets off the burning of stored fat by the body, as opposed to carbohydrates, for energy. Usually, carbohydrates are burned by your body and converted to glucose which is then absorbed into your bloodstream to be used for energy. Consuming a small number of carbohydrates causes your body to begin converting stored fats into Ketones and Fatty Acids. The Ketones then replace the glucose in your bloodstream for energy resulting in a Ketogenic state for your body (fat burning for energy).

With the Keto program, the “Plateau Breaker Programs” and personalized one-on-one counseling, results in weight loss are to be expected with our counselors ensuring that you are in a continual state of Ketosis. “Plateau Breaker Programs” can then be implemented by our counselors if a plateau is identified so as to stimulate metabolism and have your body back to “fat-burning mode”

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