It’s abundantly clear that weight has become a major issue in the world. An estimated 32.5% of the population is overweight. And a full 36.5% of the population is obese. All together over 69% of the population has enough excess weight to cause some level of medical risk. What’s more about half the people in those categories is trying to lose weight or have already failed in the attempt.

At this point you’re probably wondering why the stats are so bad. What’s gone wrong for so many people and why does it seem so difficult to fix? The main issue is that people tend to ignore the elephant in the room. Weight loss advice tends to focus around workouts. But you’ll see why that’s a mistake when you consider some basic numbers.

A pound of fat is roughly 3,500 calories. An apple is about 116 calories. A large cheeseburger is 563 calories. And a large soda is around 200 calories. And a large serving of fries is 480 calories. Consider someone who has a meal consisting of a soda, burger and fries. The meal comes out to about 1250 calories. Now consider how much some workouts would burn off.

Weight lifting will burn off about 133 calories per session. Jogging a mile will burn off about 140 calories. Changing that to a full spring might change things up to about 280 calories. You can probably see the problem. People are trying to burn off a huge amount of calories from fast or junk food while only dealing with numbers that are on the level of an apple. Now consider the caloric deficit that would come from switch from the fast food to something more healthy. A more moderate meal with healthier options would probable come in at around 200 to 400 calories. That means a caloric difference of around 1,000 calories from just switching to a healthier option. If you tried to match that with weight lifting it’d take an entire week to match the end effect of one single meal. One would see similar results with jogging.

It’s sometimes said that you can’t outrun a poor diet. That simple fact is the crux of why most weight loss programs fail. In the end it all comes down to numbers. It’s nearly impossible for most people to make a significant dent in their weight by working out. Successful weight loss programs need to focus on food.

What’s more, it’s important that you don’t look at those changes to diets as a temporary thing. You can see the ultimate goal of the slim4life program by looking at the name. It’s about being slim for life. Going on and off fad diets just makes for a lifetime of spikes in your weight.

You can lose weight temporarily on a fad diet. In the end these fad, or yoyo diets, just hurt people’s physical and mental health. People hurt their bodies by constantly gaining and losing weight again. They also hurt their self confidence by attributing the failure of fad diets to some imagined personal failure.

And any diet that you go off of is one where the weight will come back. Slim4life will help you find delicious and healthy meal plans which will keep you at your goal weight for the rest of your life. And you’ll lose your excess weight at a healthy rate of about three to five pounds per week. What’s more, when the weight comes off you’ll be able to rest assured that it’ll stay off. This is because the changes you made are long term improvements to your lifestyle rather than the temporary fixes of a fad diet.

But working with the counselors at slim4life can help you put together a healthy diet that you can happily live on. You can find some amazing resources in the KS area. The plan will help you use those resources in KS to reach the size you’ve always wanted to be. What’s more, you’ll also find yourself enjoying the meals you discover over the course of the program.

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