Healthy diet plays an integral part in weight loss and healthy living. Changing your diet can be fun and interesting by trying new recipes, foods and finding out what works for you the best so that you can maintain it as a lifestyle, not just a diet. Changing your diet gradually can be the best way to lead to overall positive health benefits without feeling deprived or starved.

Food is such an important part of our lives. It is how people socialize, celebrate and receive comfort. Food can be an enjoyable part of our lives while still allowing a healthy lifestyle and achievement of fitness goals.

There are several ways to begin a healthy eating lifestyle and it is important to find what works well for you. Low calorie diets are an easy way to lose weight but can seem overwhelming if an excess of calories are cut too quickly. Eating smaller portions, enjoying cuts of lean meats and filling your plate with plenty of vegetables can help one feel full while fueling your body. Cutting calories gradually is the key to not feeling deprived or hungry on a low calorie diet. Starting to slowly lower caloric intake by switching out foods one at a time can help decrease cravings and make the transition more smoothly. Trying a variety of vegetables and new low calorie recipes can be a fun way to avoid burnout.

Others find that a higher fat diet that incorporates healthy fats and proteins but lower carbohydrates work better for their lifestyle to lose weight. This style of eating works by putting your body in a state of “ketosis” in which it burns fat more quickly. This style of diet can have fairly rapid weight loss but can cause some negative side effects for a few days until your body adjusts. Slowly changing eating habits can make the transition easier. Again, eating variety of low carbohydrate vegetables keeps your energy up and prevents boredom. There are many “Slim4life” recipes that are filling and taste delicious.

Eating healthy foods and being open to trying new healthy recipes can create a new healthy lifestyle without feeling hungry or giving up such an important facet of your life. Let the Slim4Life set up an individualized plan for you.

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