Slim4life has an amazing program. One of the many exciting things about this program is that you will have highly professional staff.  Having access to these types of trained individuals can assist you with the various hurdles that some may encounter when embarking on their weight loss journey. If you get stuck in your weight loss don’t worry.

The slim4life program has helped many individuals lose anywhere between 3-5 pounds. You do not have to worry about the weight coming off because the slim4life program has been tailored to meet your needs. If you find that you get stuck or have reached a plateau the tailored program will know exactly how to manipulate your metabolism to burn the unwanted fat. This is easily done because the trained staff knows how to identify the reason as to why you are getting stuck in your weight loss goals.

Everybody can get stuck at a point where they are no longer achieving goals. Some of the reasons are varied. It could be not enough fluid in your body. The body needs fluid to rid the body of waste and toxins that could be holding onto fat. The best type of fluid is water. Although healthy teas are also helpful. Another reason could be lack of fiber, the body needs fiber in order to feel full which will help curb your appetite. Vegetables are a good source of fiber and it is also helps increase metabolism to assist in burning calories.


SLIM4Life is a proven weight loss program and is the ONLY program that has the unique formula of one-on-one counseling, individualized eating programs, and proven plateau breakers, to ensure your weight loss success.

Weight loss plateaus are a common hurdle for anyone following a weight loss program. When a client is on a restricted caloric intake for extended amount of time, their body becomes accustom to the reduced intake and weight loss slows down or stops altogether. We call this the dreaded PLATEAU!

It is a fact that women will plateau every 3 – 4 weeks and men plateau ever 4 – 5 weeks. This is where SLIM4Life EXCELS! By working with a SLIM4Life Weight Loss Counselor, we can identify the plateau and implement one of our many plateau breakers. Each plateau breaker is designed to “jumpstart” your metabolism and return your body to a fat burning machine.

SLIM4Life understands that a client needs to see weight loss every week to stay motivated. Our plateau breakers will ensure your weight loss success by keeping you EXCITED, motivated, and steadily losing weight.