Never Say Diet, Say Lifestyle Change

Looking to losing weight requires devotion to a weight loss goal so that you can feel better, sleep better, have improved immunity to fight off colds and infections, look younger, and most of all have more energy to do all the things in life you need and desire to do.

Our team of medical doctors, professional counselors, and nutritional specialists work with you to see you lose unwanted pounds, which in turn give your body an energy boost daily. Our professional team teaches and guides you with optimal nutritional balance. .

Overall, we see our clients lose an average of three to five pounds per week. Our professionals help you to develop healthy eating habits for life, not just until you reach your weight loss goal. Our one-on-one counseling and weight elimination plan has one goal which is to see you to a successful and ideal weight so you can realize more energy every day.

Our team educates you on how to eat well-balanced foods that boost your energy level. They also teach you which foods are likely to zap your energy. Your body’s energy level is dependent upon your thyroid gland in your neck. This gland produces hormones. These hormones control your metabolism. Your metabolism depends on how much energy you have and how your body uses this energy. There are many ingredients in foods these days that affect your thyroid glands such as certain additives and preservatives.

Energy Draining Ingredients

While numerous things can drain your energy the one thing we see repeatedly is diet. We can show you how some foods and beverages steal your energy such as alcohol, soda, and coffee.  Dairy products, especially cheese zaps energy. Canned fruits and vegetables have an abundance of sodium and hidden sugars that zap energy levels.

There are high amounts of sodium, preservatives, dyes, steroids, antibiotics, and hormones in hot dogs and processed deli meats. Did you know that when you buy hamburger you probably look for hamburger that has a nice red color because society wrongly thinks that the redder the meat the healthier the meat?

The truth is hamburger is normally a gray color. Butchers add an abundance of red dye because this is what the public wants and expects. If stores sold gray meat, a normal color for hamburger, no one would buy the meat.

One of American favorite food is the hot dog and processed lunch meats. These foods are made with a lot of potassium nitrites. This ingredient is used as a preservative and is also an ingredient found in toothpaste, fireworks, matches, fertilizers, and explosives. Knowing this should make it easier for you to avoid these food choices. This ingredient is an energy zapper.

Slim4Life, a Successful Eating Plan for Life

There are limitless lists of diet foods, and diet plans on the marketplace today, which makes finding the right diet plan for your individual needs a real challenge. However, your search for a successful and proven weight loss plan stops at Slim4Life.

We are seeing a high success rate with our clients who experience successful weight loss and are keeping this weight off through our lifestyle changing plan. Our plan is all about learning to eat healthily. The side effect of eating healthy is losing unwanted pounds and experiencing increased energy.

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