It’s the holiday season and trying to keep up with your weight loss during this time can be a difficult task. This time of year brings so many temptations that can be hard to face, but there are many ways to help you deal with those temptations.

Portion Control

With all the finger foods available this time of year and the traditional feasts, it can be difficult to manage how much food you’re consuming. To control how much food you’re consuming, try using a smaller plate and putting less food on it. Control the balance of the foods that you put on your plate to help avoid craving foods.

Enjoy Your Most Loved Foods

When you choose the foods that your absolutely love and omit the mediocre foods, you can significantly cut down unnecessary eating. If you’re going to battle with temptations that food brings, it’s better to at least make sure that you enjoy what you indulge in. When enjoying your favorite foods, be careful not to go crazy so much so that you lose your focus on your weight loss journey.

Slow Down Your Eating

It can be easy to eat faster when you’re around family and endless food options, but make sure you take the time to actually taste your food. It’s important, especially when losing weight, to ensure you are completely chewing your food. It’s also a good practice to take 20-to-30-minute breaks between eating so that you can listen to your brain telling you that your stomach is full. Slowing down your consumption of food is more important than you might think as it can make it easier for your body to digest the food that you do eat.

Drink Lots of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

It’s extremely important to drink a lot of water during the holiday season and limit how much alcohol you drink. When our bodies get dehydrated, it’s often confused as hunger which leads to overeating. Alcohol can lead to dehydration and more eating as well. Alcohol also tends to have a high calorie count which just leads to more calories that you have to burn after the holidays.

Don’t Spend All of Your Time at the Desert Table

Before you start digging into all the great sweets on the desert table, take the time to see all of the offerings. Limit yourself to small amounts of a few things rather than digging into all of them. It can be hard to say no to some of your favorite sweets, but they are very damaging to your weight loss journey.

At Slim4Life in Fort Worth, Texas, we understand how difficult the holiday season can be when you’re trying to lose weight. That’s why we stick to our one-on-one counselling approach. We’ll help you stay on track to lose weight and get you through the holiday season while keeping your motivation. Schedule your consultation today to get started losing weight.