Dorienne  – Lost 79 Ibs.

One morning I looked in the mirror and did not like what I saw. I went to get dressed and nothing fit . I just said to myself “I’m done”. Now that I have lost 79 pounds I feel like superwoman. People are shocked when they see me now. My friend told me I have an hourglass figure. I feel attractive and energized. I ate real food, I was never hungry and still had a lot of my favorite foods. No more medicines! My high blood pressure is now normal. I love Slim4Life.

Terry – Lost 35 Ibs.

I was avoiding looking in the mirror and would not let anyone take a picture of me. I had my 40 Year Reunion coming up, and I did not want to go looking like I did. I had tried Weight Watchers, never worked for me. I decided to try SIim4Life, and now I’m a new person, new energy. I’m so happy and feeling good about me. The counselors are amazing and so encouraging. My husband loves the new me. Slim4Life really works. My friends are all surprised when they see me. Size 11 to size 6. Thank you Slim4Life.

Tim Tank – Lost 65 Ibs.

I am so proud of my accomplishment. I have a new outlook of life. My Knee, back and hip problems and pain is gone. I am so happy with the new me, I am going to start dating again. I love the one on one coaching from my counselors, they are so supportive and positive. I went from size 42 to size 32. 65 pounds gone!!

Karen Weser – Lost 50 Ibs.

My sister lost weight with Slim4Life. She told me how knowledgeable the staff are concerning nutrition. I was tired of feeling heavy, sluggish and tired. Being a florist, I am on my feet all day. Losing 50 pounds has dramatically changed my life. I feel so energetic and so much better about myself. I now love shopping again. I went from a size 2XLto a size medium.

Beth Garcia – Lost 82 Ibs.

I had tried many different weight loss programs without success. One of my children was getting married and I did not like the way I looked. I was wearing size 18/20 in women’s. I needed a lifestyle change. Now that I weigh 135, I love to go shopping. I have so much more energy. My doctor was so impressed I lost 82 pounds. My family are asking what happened to the rest of me and tell me I look great. My counselors were so supportive. They never let me give up on myself. I now wear a size 6 and carry myself proudly.

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Make a Weight loss appointment NOW!