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What Others Say About Slim4Life – Weight Loss Testimonials

Slim4Life Weight Loss has helped people lose weight and develop healthier lifestyles since 1979. Here is a small sample of client success stories. We also encourage you to see our reviews on Facebook and also see verified data of our clients’ average successes (pdf) audited by independent accounting firms.*

Bob – 46 Years Old – Lost 124 Ibs.

I had a class mate of mine who lost 50 pounds in 3 months with Slim4Life. I was gaining weight and could not fit into my suits that I had purchased the year before. So I decided to call Slim4Life. Now, after losing 124 pounds, I understand that Slim4Life is a lifestyle change and not a diet. I cannot believe that I lost 124 pounds and no exercise was required which is my favorite part. Now that I have lost the weight, I feel like exercising and I am a lot more active. When people see me now, they say “you do not look like the same person, I don’t even recognize you. You have lost a whole person.” Now when I see overweight people, I want to tell them to go to Slim4Life, it works!!

Corry – 42 Years Old – Lost 100 Ibs.

I decided to lose weight for my overall health. When I stepped on the scales and was over 300 pounds, it was a real eye opener. I am an Athletic Trainer. A former employee at my school lost 60 pounds with Slim4Life and recommended the program to me. I had to have knee surgery to repair a torn cartilage and the surgeon recommended that I lose weight before I have the surgery. I joined SIim4Life and now I have lost 100 pounds, I feel so much better, I have more energy and more confidence. My wife is so proud, she tells me that I look great and just like the man she married 20 years ago. Thank you Slim4Life, I loved the simplicity of the program and my counselors.

Dr. Idora – 46 Years Old – Lost 60 Ibs.

One day I was getting dressed and my size 14 dress was fitting much too tight. I made up my mind, I was going to have a healthy weight loss goal. I have always been confident but now I am over confident and I love the new me even more. I feel I have mastered a life skill. I am so excited. My friends say “you look amazing, you look so young.” My biggest reward is better eating habits. The wonderful team at Slim4Life that encouraged me along my journey, they were very instrumental in my success. The patience and dedication of the staff impacted and changed my life. I never felt they were doing this as a job, they greeted me by name and every time they made each session individualized. It is not a ‘one style fits all program.’ They worked with me individually.

Gabriel – 37 Years Old – Lost 59 Ibs.

When I started having problems with my blood pressure and seeing my classmate leave this world at an early age, I decided it was time. I had tried different programs to lose weight and I had tried it on my own without any success. So I called Slim4Life . I felt I was too big and wanted to get back to my college weight. Now I have lost 59 pounds, my mental attitude has changed . I am full of energy, I can do outdoor activities without being tired. I love the new me, I feel good and I’m loving my new lifestyle. I work in the mortgage industry and my coworkers are happy to see that I lost my weight. Now they want to do Slim4Life. My friends say l look good, sexy and handsome. My girlfriend has now joined the Slim4Life program. The biggest reward from Slim4Life is the great feeling you have about yourself and that you finished what you started. People do not look at me as the big person anymore. Now I can run, hike and tie my shoes without getting out of breath.

Jay – 45 Years Old – Lost 50 Ibs.

I was unhappy with the way l looked and felt. I had no energy, my blood pressure was elevated and I felt uncomfortable in my clothes. I had tried other diets without success, so I decided to give Slim4Life a chance and I’m so glad I did. I have lost 50 pounds and I am so much more positive now. I went from a size 40 waist to a size 34 waist. I can now wear clothes from 8 years ago. I can keep up with my son, I can touch my toes and I can climb multiple flights of stairs without getting winded. I can also move around better at my job and my physician was so impressed with my weight loss, no more medication worries for me. People keep asking me “how did you lose all that weight?” And I tell them, Slim4Life. I loved the positive reinforcement from all the Slim4Life staff. Thank you Slim4Life.

Jeff – 59 Years Old – Lost 41bs.

I decided I was going to improve my life style and overall appearance before I turn 60. I checked in to several different programs like Weight Watchers, Nutri System and Self Diets before going to Slim4Life. I chose SIim4Life because I could eat food from the grocery store or in restaurants, plus I received personal counseling from the SIim4Life staff.

Andrew – 5O Years Old – Lost 48 lbs.

I decided I need to do something about my weight because of my health. I also wanted to be supportive of my daughter. My friends would always say “aren’t we fat”. I decided to go to Slim4Life for help. I have lost 48 pounds, I am not grumpy like I used to be and I sleep a lot better. My physician said good job and my overall health has improved. I feel better about myself, I stay on task better at work and when people see me they say “wow, you look good”. I feel so much more relaxed and calm. The biggest reward from losing 48 pounds is that I feel better all over. I can actually run now and I just get around so much better. SIim4Life staff are all so friendly and encouraging. They help you stay on track to get to your goal weight. I went from size 36 to size 32 pants. Thank you Slim4Life.

Anissa – 42 Years Old -Lost 116 lbs.

I was sad, depressed, unhappy and not in a good place in my life. My son’s friend asked me “do you have a baby inside you?” A friend told me about Slim4life and now I have lost 116 pounds. I am happy, upbeat and being a stay at home mom, I have so much more energy, I feel great!! I enjoy my life so much more now. I go out socially, I play with my son, I walk the golf course with my daughter and I go on bike rides with my family. I could not do any of these things before I lost 116 pounds. My doctor was so surprised and happy, she told me “great job and keep it up”. The counselors at Slim4life are the best, they are so supportive and understanding. They always put me in a good mood. I went from size 18 to size 8, the program was so easy to follow.

Ben – 37 Years Old – Lost 66 lbs.

Before I joined SIim4Life I had tried working out and diet plans but nothing worked. I was feeling tired and depressed. I was out of shape and had lost a lot of mobility. I joined SIim4Life and have lost 66 pounds. I was surprised at all of the support I received. All I needed to do was what the counselors told me to do and I was successful. Now I have my life back and I am in better shape than I was when I was a sophomore in high school. Everyone tells me that I look great and how healthy I look. Now I want to say to all the other overweight people that I see, “go to Slim4Life!!” I want to help them. I am truly thankful for this program, I believe in what they do.

Charlene – 66 Years Old – lost 30 lbs.

I was so tired of my clothes fitting so tight, being tired and depressed about my weight. I clean houses for a living, so I need a lot of energy. When I decided, I was going on a cruise with my granddaughter, I decided I need to lose weight. I joined Slim4Life and have lost 301bs. Now I like to shop, I have more energy and I feel so much better about myself. I am so proud and my friends say “wow, you look pretty”. The best part about losing weight for me was feeling good every day when I get dressed.

Bill – 54 Years Old – Lost 68 lbs.

I did not want prepackaged meals so I went to Slim4Life. I was feeling embarrassed about my weight and overall appearance. Now that I have lost 68 pounds, my complete attitude has changed. Now my friends call me slim. Friends are asking me about the Slim4Life program. My wife says she is so proud of me and that I am an inspiration to others. Slim4Life is not a cookie cutter diet plan, it is tailored to teach individual needs. I loved the one on one counselling. The counselors are supportive, knowledgeable and always a pleasure to work with. I am wearing the size I wore in high school and college. I am able to keep up with my 10-year-old son and just enjoy my life. I started size XXL shirt and 40 waist, now size medium shirt and size 32 pants.

Debbie – 58 Years Old – Lost 29 lbs.

I am an Emergency Room Nurse. Our days are full of fast food, sugar and starchy snacks because we have no time for ourselves in a very busy 12-hour shift. I did not like the way I looked or felt. I had heard about Slim4Life and decided I would try it. Being overweight was always the first thing on my mind. Now that I have lost 29 pounds I never think about my weight in a negative light, always positive. I am so excited and I cannot believe it when look in the mirror or see photos of myself. I realize ‘that’s me!!’ The program was so easy to follow, I was never hungry and I ate real food.


“I went from a size 26 to a size 8. My before weight was 213, and my after weight was 133. I felt like I had hit rock bottom. My mother and grandmother both had lost their weight with Slim4Life, so I knew it would work! I liked that I used regular food, and I learned how to cook healthy foods and not eat prepackaged food.” *


“My starting weight was 237, and my goal weight was 195. Since getting out of the military, my weight had continued to creep up. I saw a picture of myself on vacation and knew then I had to make a change. I needed something to give me the discipline I need to get this weight off and Slim4Life was the perfect fit for me. Thank you Slim4Life!” *


“My start weight was 238, and my goal weight was 175, I lost 63 pounds. I went from a size 38 to a size 30. My wife and I were tired of the way our clothes were fitting and with the way we felt. My doctor says I look great and whatever I’ve been doing to keep doing it!

The thing I liked best about Slim4Life was that I was able to cook my regular grocery store food and still go out to restaurants.” *


“I went from a size 26 to a size 8. My daughter Hannah wanted to start the program at Slim4Life, so she talked me into doing it with her. It was the best decision I ever made! I can fit in the airplane seats now, too.” *


“I went from a size 20 to a size 9. From 256 to 147 pounds. Before I lost the weight, I felt like people were judging me when I was out in public. Now, I am much more confident and enjoy being out in public.” *


“My before weight was 300, and my after weight was 230. I hated looking at myself in the mirror. Since losing the weight, I feel like a million bucks. I cannot express how great I feel, and my energy level is through the roof! I feel like I have my life back, and wish I would have gone to Slim4Life, sooner.” *


“I feel more confident and comfortable in my clothes. Doing this program helped with my relationship with my husband, as we did the program together.” *


“My start weight was 260 pounds, and my goal weight was 219. I lost 41 pounds, and I went from a size 42 to a size 37. I had reached a point in my life where nothing seemed to work in keeping me at a healthy weight. I did not like the way I looked or felt. I work in law enforcement, and energy and stamina are necessary. I am more alert, quicker and able to handle stressful situations more efficiently.” *